Computer Networking

Whatever your networking needs, Virtual Interconnect has your back.  Whether it's a small office or a data center, we can provide hardware and software solutions to get your machines talking and keep them talking at the highest speeds possible.



We specialize in high-reliability redundant configurations of networking gear and cabling, allowing you to replace, rearrange, or reorganize equipment live and without downtime.



In a business environment, proper security is paramount to the safety of your company's data and continued operation.  As we've all seen many times in the last few years, the implications of lax security on your customers' perception of you and their choice of where to do business means you no longer have the luxury of not taking an active role in protecting your company.


Software-defined Networking

As time marches on and people realize how much they change their networking, it's become far more apparent how important flexibility is to future-proofing your networking setup with the least possible ongoing cost.  That said, software-defined networking (SDN) keeps your setup far more changeable without new hardware purchases.


Speed and Coverage

Have an area where you have trouble getting your network to reach?  We frequently work with clients such as construction crews to give their employees expedient and convenient access to company information no matter where they work from.



Ongoing maintenance of a computer network without documentation can be a time-consuming nightmare.  Documentation of your network is one of the keys to its long-term reliability and is often a forgotten step in the networking process.


These are just a few of the many options we have available.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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