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Ubiquiti Equipment Information

Ubiquiti's GPS sync update

Ubiquiti's DTS vs. UNII update

Ubiquiti's label request for converting your equipment between UNII/DTS for the high end of the 5GHz band


FCC Regulations

Guide to 802.11 (WiFi) power emission limits in different bands

FCC 802.11 channel plan

U-NII updates October 22, 2014,-Oct-2014-TN.pdf

FCC's guide to understanding regulations for low-power unlicensed transmitters:

Low-power AM/FM broadcast information



FCC Responsibility Acknowledgement Form

FCC Responsibility Acknowledgement
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Virtual Interconnect FCC Responsibility Acknowledgement

THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made between you (either an individual or an entity) (“You”), and Virtual Interconnect, LLC, having its principal place of business at 315 Richard Terrace, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (“Virtual Interconnect”).

One of the services that Virtual Interconnect provides is consulting services for wireless installations. We will do our best to set things up as requested within compliance of FCC regulations. But our policy is to give You, as the operator of the equipment, administrative access to your equipment. That means that the way it is run is ultimately your responsibility.

You agree and acknowledge that ultimately the operation of your equipment in compliance with regulations is your responsibility and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Virtual Interconnect and its employees from all responsibility relating to initial and ongoing regulatory compliance. If changes to your operation are requested by the FCC, we will be happy to attempt to help you rectify them, but any corrections to your operation will be considered billable consulting time.

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